All the articles are subjected to obligatory peer-reviewing.

The editor-in-chief determines the scientific context of the article and directs it to the experts (reviewers) for peer-review procedure at the suggestion of members of the Editorial Board. Reviewers submit the reviews of the article to the editorial office within 15 days. Peer-reviewing is free of charge.

Received articles are reviewed according to the following criteria:

  • compliance of the content of the article with the subject of the journal;
  • compliance of the title of the article with its content;
  • relevance of the topic of the article;
  • scientific novelty, originality of the research (no more than 20% of plagiarism is allowed);
  • practical significance of the study;
  • quality of the material presentation;
  • compliance with the rules of citation;
  • the correctness of the references;
  • compliance with the scientific style of presentation.

If the article meets all the criteria, then: 1) the article can be accepted for publication without additional editing; 2) the article can be recommended for publication after elimination of insignificant faults indicated in the form of specific remarks of the reviewer (reviewers). This step is followed by re-reviewing. Material, which is not compliant with at least one of these criteria, is rejected; the author gets a reasoned refusal of the Editorial Board.

In case of a positive review of the article, the author / authors get the information from the Executive Secretary about the acceptance of the article and the time of its publication by e-mail.

Original reviews are kept in the editorial office for 5 years.