Submission and Peer Review Process

Materials for publication (manuscript) in the journal are accepted in scientific directions: 08.00.05 «Economics and Management of National Economy (by Industries and Fields of Activity)», 12.00.00 «Jurisprudence».


The author presents to the Editorial office in electronicaly at separate files:

  • the manuscript drawn up according to the Requirements;
  • Information about the author(-s) in Russian and English with the following data: surname, name, patronymic (in full); academic degree, academic title; position and place of work / study without abbreviations; e-mail address; contact phone number;
  • the completed form of the Publication agreement signed by the author (in case of co-authorship, each of the authors signs a separate form); signing the agreement form, the author thereby permits the open publication of his materials, as well as their editing, which does not distort the meaning of the work.


The Executive Secretary reserves the right to reject manuscript at the stage preceding the review, if there are reasons for this:

  • the subject of the manuscript doesn’t correspond to the scientific fields of the journal;
  • the manuscript was previously published in another journal;
  • the manuscript contains plagiarism of data, ideas or fragments;
  • the manuscript contains obvious signs of poor quality;
  • the manuscript reveals a fundamental contradiction to the ethical principles adhered to by the journal.

The Editor informs author(s) of the rejection of the article for the above reasons within 3 working days.

Then the manuscript accepted for publication is subjected to the double-blind peer review process. This means that during the process of reviewing, personal data of reviewers and authors shall be withheld. The manuscript subject to review is assigned a registration number indicating the date of its receipt by the editors. The Editor informs the author(s) of the receipt of the manuscript within 3 working days.

The manuscripts are reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • correspondence between the manuscript title and the manuscript content;
  • relevance of the topic of the manuscript;
  • novelty, originality, scholarly and practical significance of the manuscript;
  • compliance with citation rules;
  • correct bibliography design;
  • adherence to the scientific style of expression of thought.

The Editor-in-Chief determines the scientific context of the manuscript and directs it to the reviewer. The peer review process is carried out by reputable scholars and experts who have in-depth expertise and work experience in a particular research area in the last 3 years.

Reviewer submit the reviews of the article to the Editorial office within 15 days. The reviewer’s report should provide one of the following recommendations:

1) to accept the material for publication in the journal (upon request, a copy of the review is sent to the author(s));

2) to accept the material for publication with minor revisions according to the reviewer’s commentaries and suggestions (a copy of the review is sent to the author(s));

3) to reject the material (the author(s) are notified accordingly).


Original reviews are kept in the Editorial office for 5 years.


The Editor send copies of the reviews to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation upon receipt of the relevant request to the editorial office.


The Editorial does not discuss with the authors the content of materials, ways to write and design academic papers, and does not edit or correct them to the necessary scientific and methodological level.