• A.E. Tsivileva Kolmar Group JSC, Moscow, Russia; All-Russia Scientific and Research Institute “Center”, Moscow, Russia


In the context of digital transformation of coal industry enterprises, approaches to the organization of mining, processing and transportation of coal are changing, and the requirements for optimizing these processes are becoming relevant. The purpose of the study was to develop approaches to the formation of a mathematical model for determining the volumes of production, processing and transportation of coal, as well as the development of such a model for the coal mining company “Kolmar”. The method for constructing a mathematical model is based on a resource model, which includes the main resource chains for the extraction, processing and production and logistics operations of coal products. A global criterion of optimality for the choice of the best solution to a management problem from the position of a top-level management system (supersystem) is proposed, while the criterion for assessing the optimality of a management decision of a company’s top manager is the level of customer satisfaction with coal products. The optimality of the functioning of individual subsystems or coal mining enterprises belonging to a group of companies can be checked by a global criterion. The mathematical model of coal mining, processing and transportation for the coal mining company “Kolmar” is formed on the basis of constructing and solving a target function that minimizes the costs of these processes, in the context of limited economic, technological and technical factors, the volumes of coal mining, processing and transportation of coal to consumers. Cost minimization is ensured by the choice of the most rational controllable parameters, which are production technologies for each mining and processing plant and the volume of coal sent for processing. The use of the proposed mathematical model when planning the activities of the coal mining company “Kolmar” allows us to optimize resource flows, select effective technological schemes, form an optimal plan for loading equipment and transporting coal to the domestic and foreign markets.


coal mining enterprises, cost optimization, logistics, mathematical model of optimization of decisions, mining and processing of coal


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About the Author

Anna E. Tsivileva – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kolmar Group JSC, Moscow, Russia; External Doctoral Candidate, All-Russia Scientific and Research Institute “Center”, Moscow, Russia. E-mail: SPIN РИНЦ 1216-7385. ORCID 0000-0002-3205-2046

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Tsivileva A.E. Mathematical Model of Optimizing the Management Decisions When Determining the Volumes and Methods of Coal Mining, Processing and Transportation // BENEFICIUM. 2022. Vol. 1(42). Pp. 32-39. DOI: 10.34680/BENEFICIUM.2022.1(42).32-39