• C.V. Drokina Southern Federal University, Taganrog, Russia
  • Y. Deng Southern Federal University, Taganrog, Russia


In modern economy, effective management and employee engagement are critical to run a successful business. Managers face various challenges, especially in recruiting and retaining qualified people. These challenges include skills shortages in several areas, increased labor mobility and globalization, increasing demand for ongoing training and retraining, and the need to ensure overall employee performance. At the same time, managers are tasked with complying with legal frameworks, writing documentation, and implementing innovative practices which are integral components of the career planning process. The issue of planning the professional career of personnel stands out as a serious problem in modern human resource management for any competitive company. As China’s economy develops rapidly and Chinese companies gain global prominence, their career opportunities continue to expand in various industries, catering to a wide range of skills and interests of Chinese workers.

The relationship between career opportunities and China’s labor market reflects the country’s dynamic economic landscape and industrial structure. China has a large and diverse labor market across many industries and sectors. In recent years, China has seen significant career growth in sectors such as technology, e-commerce, finance, and healthcare, providing ample employment opportunities for skilled professionals. The goal of this study is to examine professional career management in Chinese companies. In the paper the experience of developing a professional career management system in Chinese companies is studied; the comparative analysis of the effectiveness of a professional career management system is given; recommendations for improving the career management system in Chinese companies are proposed.

Keywords: career management, career opportunities, Chinese companies, professional career, labor market


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About the Authors  

Christina V. Drokina – Cand. Sci. (Economics); Associate Professor, Southern Federal University, Taganrog, Russia. E-mail: SPIN РИНЦ 3330-8159. ORCID 0000-0003-4263-0302. ResearcherID C-5789-2017

Yaqiong Deng – Graduate Student,    Southern Federal University, Taganrog, Russia. E-mail: ORCID 0009-0004-8535-6192

For citation: Drokina C.V., Deng Y. Analysis of Professional Career Management in Chinese Companies // Beneficium. 2024. Vol. 2(51). Pp. 121-127. DOI: 10.34680/BENEFICIUM.2024.2(51).121-127